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A new place to trade sneakers and more.

Wilikicks is a dedicated online platform designed for sneaker enthusiasts looking for an easy and efficient way to connect with potential buyers of their prized footwear. Serving the vibrant sneaker community, Wilikicks offers a user-friendly interface where sellers can showcase their sneakers, detailing specifications, condition and exclusive features. The site employs advanced search filters and algorithms, allowing shoppers to easily discover and connect with sellers offering the specific sneakers they want. We foster a dynamic marketplace, facilitating transactions and fostering a sense of community among sneaker enthusiasts. Whether users want to sell or acquire coveted sneakers, Wilikicks serves as a hub for passionate individuals to engage in vibrant sneaker culture.

For stores

An easy way to boost brand awareness: When you post an item on Wilikicks, users are redirected to your store's website or sales profile.

01 - item information

Add information about the item you want to trade such as: name, size, condition, gender and more.

02 - Publish the item

Once you publish your item, buyers around the world can see it and contact you for negotiation. You choose who you want to negotiate with.

03 - Manage your items

Manage your items with a dynamic and intuitive dashboard.

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